Benefits of Trading in Your Car

Benefits of Trading in Your Car

The benefits of trading in a car are worth researching for drivers near Geneva, Canandaigua, or Rochester, New York. At Friendly Ford, we can work with you to appraise your vehicle, get you a great trade-in value, and help you find a new vehicle to enjoy.

You can check out our article below to learn more about these trade-in benefits and how to increase your vehicle’s value prior to the appraisal. Reach out to a member of our team if you have any questions!

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Vehicle Trade-in Benefits

One great reason to trade in is because the value of your vehicle will be factored into your next purchase. That way, you can get a better price for your new car. Also, you’ll likely only pay sales tax on that lower price rather than the full initial price of the vehicle.

Another benefit to trading in is the added ease it brings to the whole process. You may not want to sell your vehicle yourself since it requires a lot of time and effort. You’ll also have to be extremely organized with all the paperwork. With a trade-in, the dealership handles all the paperwork, and you don’t have to go through the selling process at all.

Yet another benefit involves loans. You may have a vehicle that still has loan payments. You’ll be able to trade it in, at which point the dealership will cover the remaining payments.

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Boost Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value

You can use our Value Your Trade tool online to get a vehicle valuation. However, it will still need to undergo an in-person appraisal to ensure the value is accurate. To get ready for this appraisal, we have a few suggestions that could help you boost your vehicle’s value. These include:

  • Wash exterior and interior. Rinse off the body of the vehicle, shine the glass and mirrors, clean the dashboard and interior windshield
  • Vacuum the interior. Clear the floors, seats, and trunk of dirt
  • Conduct some maintenance. Fill fluid levels, clean the headlights, fix small leaks, etc.

You might feel more comfortable by going to a professional, where you can find expert car detailing or help with maintenance issues you’d like to have addressed.

If you get any maintenance done, be sure to keep your receipts. Also, find your previous maintenance records for the other routine services you’ve had performed. These service records and receipts can increase your car’s value.

Ford F-150

Browse Our Inventory

Trading in one vehicle means you can now buy or lease another great model. Our inventory carries a lot of options that could elevate your driving in new ways.

Check out our numerous new SUV options, like the Ford Escape, the Edge, and the Bronco. We also carry plenty of truck models, like the Ford F-150, for drivers seeking the ultimate towing power.

Our used inventory has even more diversity, with sedans like the Ford Fusion along with models from other brands you’ll recognize, such as Chevrolet, Jeep, and Toyota. 

Our finance team frequently offers new and used vehicle specials, so be sure to browse through those options as you look through our inventory.

Trade in a Car Today!

Drivers near Geneva, Canandaigua, and Rochester, NY, can trade in their cars with us at Friendly Ford to enjoy the great benefits we’ve outlined above. Along the way, our team can help you find an upgraded model from our inventory for further driving fun.

Contact us or visit our dealership today to get started!

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