Ford F-150 Maintenance Schedule

The 2018 Ford F-150 is an incredible pickup truck with numerous best in class features and the honor of being considered the Motor Trend truck of the year. Even with so many incredible features, it still needs care if you want to keep it on the streets of Geneva, Canandaigua, Auburn and East Rochester for as long as possible.

If you want to take care of your F-150 as best as you can, you need to put it on a regular maintenance schedule. These services will keep your F-150 in top shape and increase its resale value when it’s finally time to switch up. Learn more about the Ford F-150 maintenance schedule and discover what’s required to keep your F-150 healthy and performing like new.

5,000 Mile Service

The first time you stop by the service center will be after about six months or 5,000 miles. This is the service interval that all other services are built off of, so remember to repeat your 5,00 mile interval every time you visit. Note that all other services need to be repeated in regular intervals as well. For this service, your focus is to get your Ford F-150’s oil and oil filter changed. Go ahead and get a tire rotation too just to make sure the wear is even.

10,000 Mile Service

After you’ve had your F-150 for about a year, it’s time to get your cabin air filter changed. If you’ve been taking advantage of the F-150’s incredible payload and towing capacity, your brake pads might need replacing as well. Go ahead and get your belts and hoses inspected, just to be on the safe side.

20,000 Mile Service

For this service, it’s time to get your tires changed completely. If you’re still driving on your first set of brake pads, it’s probably time for those to get changed as well. Get your fluids checked as well. It’s not uncommon for your Ford F-150’s brake fluid to need some work at 20,000 miles.

40,000 Mile Service

After you’ve had your Ford truck for about 4 years, you’re going to start seeing some wear on your belts. Go ahead and have your drive belt and timing belt replaced if necessary and start getting your fluids changed. Your engine coolant and transmission fluid in particular should be flushed and replaced. If you haven’t changed your spark plugs yet, go ahead and replace those as well.

90,000 Miles

At this point, you’ve had your truck for quite a while. The F-150 is rugged, but more parts need to be replaced during this service. Before you flush and replace your engine coolant, go ahead and get the engine coolant hose replaced. If it hasn’t sprung a leak yet, it’s bound to soon. Your shock absorbers should also be replaced here.

120,000 Miles

If your F-150 is still going, then you should be too. For this service, you’re going to see some extensive replacements, so make sure you’re ready. Your motor mount should probably be replaced here along with your steering and suspension component.

Ford F-150 Service in Geneva

Get your Ford F-150 maintenance schedule fulfilled at the service center at Friendly Ford. Our highly trained technicians can take care of every service on this list without issue and can keep your F-150 on the road for as long as possible. Visit us in person or schedule your service appointment online today! We look forward to working with you.